Susie and Pastor Greg Paul explore the powerful truth that God is our Father, and he wants us to lean in, stay close and be Close Enough to Hear God Breathe.

Greg talks about how God speaks in ways we don’t expect. Sometimes we don’t hear God not because he ‘s not speaking but because we don’t know how and where to listen for his voice.

“When I was younger I expected that if God really wanted something done he’d speak with a big noise and he’d make things very very evident. And, as time has gone on in my life I realize more and more that God speaks very quietly.”

God’s word, God’s Spirit is like breath. We must be close and quiet to hear it, just like we must be close and quiet to hear the breath of a loved one. A place of intimacy like this develops and deepens as a relationship with God matures.

Susie and Gary talk about feeling God’s presence in all times, especially the hard times. While God is there, he is not always going to fix a situation the way we would like it to be fixed. 

Also, coming to God is not an easy cure-all for the deep problems we have in our lives.

“More often than not, someone puts their trust in Christ and then there’s a long, slow difficult journey.”

This journey can be discouraging when we would like to skip ahead to restored perfection instead of going through the process. There’s a reason, though, we cannot and do not do that. In this journey is so much growth and healing as we become closer to the Lord.

In this chat Gary also shares with Susie about his personal faith story and the journey God has taken him on.

Key Scriptures: Luke 1:46-55John 15:9-15,Psalm 23

Intimacy with God

One Response to "Intimacy with God"

  • Hi Susie – I was listening to your program today. I love all your shows but this one was absolutely amazing. I pulled into my garage at about 3:25 and sat there in my car just listening till the end of the show. Greg Paul touched me in such a way that I can’t even begin to describe. He spoke so eloquently about so many things that I need to go back and listen again and probably again and I will for sure be buying his book!

    It especially hit home when he spoke about “being a good Bible study girl is absolutely useless unless we are being His hands and feet. We are not giving God any control if we just stay in our comfort zone.” I’ve been wrestling with this for quite a while.

    I’ve never shared my thoughts with anyone “on air” about their program but I just had to let you know this one blew me away – I would even go so far as to say it was life changing!

    I know you probably get a lot of feedback about your programs and don’t have time for all of the responses but I do hope you get to read this. It just meant so much to me!

    Thanks to both you and Greg!

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