It’s that time of year when parents thoughts turn toward where their kids should go to school in the fall. For some, their thoughts will turn to homeschooling. How can you evaluate whether homeschooling might be right for your family?

I have often heard my mom tell people that homeschooling is for every child…it’s just not for every parent. What she means is that every child can thrive in a one-on-one tutoring type instruction. It simply makes sense. Place a child with a caring instructor who can tailor his or her learning to the needs of that child and the child will learn and excel.

However, not every parent has the discipline, patience, endurance to make homeschooling work. I love my kiddos. Adore them even, but there are still days that it would be a lot easier to send them to a school. Fortunately, my kids would still do fine in a regular classroom environment. Yet we choose to keep them home even as we discuss the options available to us


•  Homeschooling is a calling. It may not be a forever calling…I honestly don’t know…but I know this is where our kids are supposed to be right now.

•  It allows our kids to accelerate at their own pace. Right now, both school age children work above their grade level — enough so that it would make it a little tricky to figure out where to place them. Still I also love that there’s freedom and margin to slow down when needed to insure a subject is mastered before we move ahead.

•  I can make sure my children are learning the things that matter most to you. Yes, I am STRINGENT about the three r’s, but we start our day with devotions and Bible. This year we’ve read from Exodus through I Samuel. We’re talking about some hard issues and solidifying their understanding of Old Testament history. That’s critical to my husband and me.

•  We have the flexibility to plan family adventures and school year round. Yes, even during the summer, I make my kids keep working on certain subjects: primarily math and one other area that I feel needs buttressing. But if I know I’ll need to be at a conference a week in September, we start a week earlier in August. Homeschooling gives you the flexibility to take advantage of unique opportunities while still schooling.

If you homeschool, what motivates you? If you’re considering it, what appeals to you and what scares you?

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