Susie unpacks the source of fear with Angie Smith, author, Women of Faith speaker, and wife of Selah’s Todd Smith. Angie’s book is What Women Fear.

They explore how fear can keep us from God’s calling on our lives. Angie talks about her story and struggle with fear. Even though she’s had victory over fear Angie wants to emphasize that overcoming fear doesn’t lead to a “ta-da” moment of accomplishment, it’s a continual work in her life.

 “It’s been a relief to me to hear how many people struggle with this who love the Lord and don’t want this to be their story.”

Continually looking to God instead of fear is an issue Angie has dealt with. Certain patterns of though can lead back to fear. Angie shares that one of those patterns is worrying that something was going to happen to her family. She had a sense that if she stepped back, everything was going to fall apart–a completely false sense of control.

She learned that she needed abandon the idea of control and turn to God.

“I think that idea of us being in control and everything depending on us–the enemy can really use that to convince us we have power we don’t have. That power is the Lord’s.”

Important to overcoming fear is being deliberate about changing patterns of though when fear comes in. Angie explains that since her husband is frequently on the road that time has become a time where fear likes to creep in. Sometimes she has to consciously tell herself to stop thinking about the worry. They discuss how turning away from fear in moments like that is turning to faith.

Angie talks with listeners about common fears for women and more in the rest of her interview with Susie.

Key Scriptures: 2 Timothy 1:6-7,  Matthew 8:23-27Psalm 46:1-5

Fear not

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