Authors and youth speakers Michael and Hayley DiMarco have written a new book, Die Young. The message of their book is it’s not the path we think will get us what we want that actually does.

“Giving it all up for him, we end up with everything and more.”

They explained that the inspiration for the book was a long journey that started when they got married. When they tried to combine their lives conflict ensured. They realized that they both had to die to themselves to make their marriage work. The book was a product of them realizing how to smash the idols in their lives that had been taking over.

All of us have things that try to be idols in our lives.

Basically, and idol is anything we think will make us happy. That could be a relationship, money, looking good or any number of things. When we trust these things for our happiness instead of God we’re walking away from how he designed us to live.

When we become Christians we become new people. If we really believe that, it means something, some part of ourselves has to die.

“There is no fruit that grows from a seed that refuses to die.”

If we don’t die to ourselves, problems exist. We both can’t produce fruit and are also more likely to fall into sin. We have a temptation to think very highly of ourselves. When we are thinking we’re all good, then we are most likely to fall into trouble.

“I think if we could all, as believers, say, ‘I’m a recovering sinner’ that would be helpful”

Our human hearts want to create idols and fall into sin. Thus we must continually choose to die young and to every day submit all of ourselves to God.

Key Scriptures: Luke 9:23Romans 6:221 John 1:7 

Die young