Susie welcomes author Sharon Jaynes to talk about her new book, . 

We often go around in our lives asking God what he wants from us. What are we supposed to do now? After coming to Christ we get busy working for him. Routine religion ensnares us. Our quiet times with God become an item on a to do list.

We miss the romance of it all.

“We come to God saying, ‘What do you want me to do for you?’ And God’s just saying, ‘I want to have a relationship with you.”

In practicality, that means our time with God should continue throughout the day. It isn’t bound by the number of minutes we set aside for it.

Sharon explains that we have a tendency to divide our lives between the sacred and the secular. There’s nothing in the Bible that tells us to separate the spiritual and the practical. She thinks that’s one reason we don’t hear God speaking to us.

When we’re in the secular realm we’ve created we aren’t expecting to hear from God. We aren’t expecting him to speak to us at work or when we’re grocery shopping. So, when we remove that boundary in our minds it opens up all of our time to be points of intimacy with God.

When we don’t have frequent moments of intimacy with God, we develop what Sharon terms a “glory ache.” This is a persistent longing to experience God on a daily basis. We all have this ache but we don’t always realize what the ache is for. So we try to fill that longing with other things that don’t satisfy.

“That ache can never be soothed by anything except God. He planted eternity in our hearts.”

Key Scriptures: Acts 17:28, Exodus 33:11Deuteronomy 5:24

Daily intimacy with God