Many women in the church carry a heavy secret and feel too ashamed to share it with anyone.

Susie welcomes radio host and author Kim Ketola to talk about her new post-abortion ministry and companion book, Cradle My Heart.

Kim’s ministry grew out of her own personal experience. She had an abortion when she was 23, and this choice sent her down a road of self-reliance and having to fend for herself.  At that time abortion seemed like nothing more than a solution to a problem for Kim.

“I was just ashamed at the circumstance I had gotten myself into…I was just trying to get through it. I was very emotionally detached.”

Right before the procedure she felt a tug on her heart but she decided she couldn’t stop and went through with it. When she walked out of the facility she felt so alone.

Almost immediately after Kim realized that what she had done was wrong. She felt a constant presence of knowing that she had failed at something that was important. After that point she poured herself into her career and chased success. Kim didn’t feel any peace.

She tried to hide from this for years. Kim was born again at 38, started attending a pro-life church and felt grief chasing her. It took her years before she grasped the full depths of God’s grace and forgiveness. God’s grace changed her and renewed her.

Now Kim is an active pro-life speaker passionate about ministering to women who have gone through abortion.

Kim shares important facts about abortion, some of which reflect her own story:

•   Abortion is not primarily a teen problem although 1 out of ever 10 teen girls has had one
•   The women who have abortions are often unmarried and in their 20s. These women are using birth control but it fails
•   Most abortions are performed in the first trimester of pregnancy
•   1 out of every 3 adult women has had an abortion

Key Scriptures: Psalm 119:57Psalm 139:13-16John 8:36

The story of Cradle My Heart

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