Susie welcomes author and father Adam Stadtmiller to talk about his book, Discover your kid’s spiritual gifts: A journey into your child’s unique identity in Christ.

The idea of spiritual gifts can seem very abstract and theological, but what spiritual gifts really are is just ministry.

“It comes down to us being the hands and feet of Jesus.”

Being the hands and feet of Christ doesn’t have an age minimum. Adam emphasizes that teaching kids to use their gifts now and engage in ministry helps the kids find their place and helps spread God’s love. By just focusing on filling kids up with spiritual wisdom and learning we can miss incredible potential for God’s kingdom being made known.

“If we can get out of  ‘cargo ship’ mentality where we’re just filling our kids up for a big adventure someday, we can actually get them out on the open sea now and into ministry.”

Children, just like adults, can become kingdom-bringers on the earth. Although they might not have the training or head knowledge of adults, they are still equipped for ministry.

“If your children have accepted Christ, have asked him into their heart, that they already posses spiritual gifts. You just might not be aware of it.”

Key in encouraging your child’s spiritual gifts is being intentional about discipleship. Being a good parent doesn’t mean you’re being a good discipler.  Adam suggests encouraging your child’s spirituality outside of the basics like mealtime and bedtime prayers. Discipleship is important because children are just as much Christians and just as full of the Holy Spirit as adults.

“There is no child-size portion of the Holy Spirit.”

No matter what people believe about spiritual gifts, especially more “controversial” gifts, these giftings are important for creating the kingdom of God on earth.

Key Scriptures: 1 Corinthians 12:4-6

Children in the Kingdom

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