Dr. Ray Pritchard, the president of Keep Believing Ministries, explores powerful prayer and faith in his his book . Do you feel dissatisfied with your prayer life? You aren’t alone.

“We all secretly feel like we could pray more or pray better.”

According to Dr. Pritchard, there are two things we ought to do when we want to have better prayer lives: be around Christian prayer warriors an pray the words of Scripture. If we do those things we can have a prayer walk that’s deeper than just asking God to bless other people.

“If you took the word ‘bless’ out of most Christians’ prayer vocabulary, we couldn’t pray at all.”

While there is nothing wrong with prayer for God’s blessing, it can be used as an easy, catch-all request.

“If we got more specific with God on the praying side, maybe we would see more specific answers from God on the other side.”

Sincerity in prayer comes when we learn to pray for more than just changes in circumstances and pain avoidance. Looking to the prayers in Scripture, specifically the prayers of the Apostle Paul helps us to see that powerful prayer looks beyond our circumstances and comfort.

Even when our prayers are genuine there are times when they don’t seem to work. God doesn’t do what we asked him to or we do what we asked not to do. Dr. Pritchard encourages that such times are instances of daily spiritual warfare.

“There’s nothing the Devil hates more than a praying Christian.”

When we pray it shouldn’t surprise us that Satan hits back, confronting us with temptation and enticing us to sin.  These situations serve as reminders of how desperately we need God.

Key Scriptures: Philippians 1:9-11

Beyond all you could ask or think

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