I matter.

That’s easy to say as a mom. My kids need what I provide.

But the way I live my life also matters.

I can’t help my kids be what I’m not. I need to be in a relationship with Jesus myself and be experiencing His transformation in order to have the kind of influence I want to have. My husband and I need to actively be listening for the Holy Spirit daily, spending time in the Word, spending time in prayer and looking for God sightings in our lives.

No pressure, right? Frankly there are days when I just haven’t bothered to notice God’s presence.

If I want my kids to be transformed, listening to the Holy Spirit, spending time in the Bible, praying and looking for God at work in the world… I need to be doing all that too!

Are you listening? Are you spending time building your relationship with Christ? Or are you being passive?

Go look for Him!