Chip Ingram reminds us that God isn’t looking for the best, he’s looking for people willing to follow in Chip’s new book,  .

According to Chip, God will use all sorts of negative circumstances to bring us to the point were we have to look up to him. Once we do, we can do truly great things.

“Sometimes I think people’s ambitions are too small. We don’t really believe God would really want to do something great or we’re so focused on our own personal peace and comfort that we think God’s really in the business of making us happen.”

Each of us has a good work God wants us to do in our lives. As we try find that good work there will always be a step out in faith that we need to take. If there isn’t faith, we can’t please God. If there is no unknowns then their is no faith. Uncertainties will be a part of the process.

According to Chip, the biggest lie the American church has accepted is that it’s God’s biggest goal to make us happy. We also get into the habit of thinking that what pleases God the most is our morality, religiosity or church attendance.

This is in contrast to Scripture which tells us that those who live godly lives will be persecuted and that we shouldn’t be surprised by suffering.

Yes, bad things happen to godly people. When we are on mission with God he will use those things to shape us and grow us.

When we do step out in faith, God will bless us.

As we do so we should consider three elements.

  • Is our heart in the right place?
  • Do we have a strategic plan?
  • Do we have a courageous soul?

Key Scripture: 2 Chronicles 16:9

Holy Ambition

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