If your deepest joy is performing for the approval and applause of the people watching you, listen as Susie talks with author Becky Harling about her new book Freedom from Performing.

One of our big problems when we’re addicted to performing is that we’re worried about maintaining our image or someone else’s image. We worry if we’re representing our families well. We worry if we’re representing our church well. We worry and worry about not being good enough.

This falls away if we can recognize that it’s not about our image at all, it’s about us living into our status as image bearers of Christ.

“When it’s about Jesus and bearing his image I’m not concerned about putting on masks to look better to other people.”

Jesus knows who we really are. There is nothing we can hide from him. When we step into that state of honest being with him, then we can step into honest being with other people.

Becky shared that she went back to the gospels and asked: What does Jesus expect of me? What does he say important?

“I realized that Jesus came with a message of grace. He taught something completely different than the other religious rulers and teachers of his day.”

With that grace, Christ want’s us to be free. Shame holds us in captivity and he is here calling, ready to guide us to freedom. We can know the shame is gone because Christ took our shame on the Cross.

“I can look into the face of Jesus because he loves me and adores me and says I’m precious and holy. I am completely loved by him.”

Key Scripture: Psalm 34:5

Freedom from performing

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