Susie and author-speaker Kendra Smiley discuss the humor, joys, trials and rewards of motherhood. They celebrate mothers, share stories and take listener calls.

Susie shared a story about her middle son. When he was about four years old he was going to the bathroom when he yelled down the hall and asked if he was supposed to accept Jesus into his heart. Susie excitedly yelled back, “Yes honey.” He responded, “I think I asked him into my stomach.”

Kendra reminisced about an occasion when she was taking a shower and forgot her clothes outside the bathroom. Instead of grabbing a towel, she thought she could just go back to her bedroom because her kids were in their rooms. She decided to run back, which unfortunately made her oldest son come looking for the commotion.

A listener Liz called in to tell the story of her 7-year-old daughter who lost a tooth and was waiting for the tooth fairy. As was their family’s tradition Liz replaced the tooth with a couple quarters. The next morning the daughter came down and said she had seen the tooth fairy. Liz was surprised. Then the daughter said the tooth fairy was very pretty and looked just like Liz. This made the mother’s heart melt.

Lois shared about her mother who has Alzheimer’s and was quite forgetful. One evening after eating a meal Lois made her mother turned to her and said, “The meal was luscious. You must have had a great mother.” Lois responded, “Absolutely, Mom, I have a great, great mother.”

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