Words To Live By 

Real people, real stories, about a very real God.

“Words To Live By” presents stories of how faith in Jesus Christ has impacted people all across the world, and the words to live by they found in the Bible. Here you’ll discover wisdom and hope for whatever you may be facing through personal accounts of those who have found God to be faithful and God’s Word to be an applicable, reliable source for strength, guidance, and encouragement.


Radio Bible Class began on WEXL, a 50-watt radio station near Detroit, MI, as a straightforward biblical message by Dr. M. R. De Haan of God’s love that would eventually be heard around the world. The format of the half-hour broadcast was simple, opening with the song “Tell Me the Story of Jesus,” and then Dr. De Haan would then bring to life the Word of God for his listeners.

The Radio Bible Class program has grown and changed in many ways since that first broadcast in 1938, featuring several Bible teachers, including Richard De Haan, Paul VanGorder, and Dave Burnham. September of 1995 marked the beginning of the program’s real-life story format.

Program guests from around the world are now “telling the story of Jesus,” much like the well-loved hymn sung on the first broadcasts. The program’s name was later changed to Words To Live By, representing the life-changing impact a personal relationship with Jesus Christ provides, and the hope, encouragement, and direction found in God’s Word.

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