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Everyday Relationships with hosts Dr. Greg Smalley and Susie Larson airs weekdays at 4 pm CT.

Why do marriages struggle? Why do parents argue with their kids? Why do family events lead to fights and hurt feelings? Why can’t that person in the office just get along with you?

It all comes down to relationships. And that’s where things get tough. Ever wish you could ask someone all those tough questions… and get real answers? Now you can. Everyday Relationships is a daily, hour long call-in program hosting by Dr. Greg Smalley of Focus on the Family and Susie Larson of Faith Radio. Every day, Dr. Greg Smalley and Susie Larson help you solve those everyday challenges to help build strong, healthy relationships; relationships that last.

Listen to Everyday Relationships weekdays at 4pm and join the conversation by dialing 1-855-2-RELATE (1-855-273-5283).

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