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Shame keeps us stuck

Jennifer was keeping something important from her husband. She was ashamed of something she had done, and the guilt was eating away at her peace. She knew she had to tell her husband because it was affecting their intimacy. But wasn’t it easier to keep the secret to herself and hope he never found out? Shame keeps us hiding. Do you …



Guilty of gossip

Gossip is like a secret craving. You might not like it, but when you hear or are a part of it, you do not want to stop.



Making schools safer

If you, like me, feel your head is swimming from information overload regarding the need for better school safety, listen to our show on school safety. We try to break down the issues that everyone is talking about and make sense of strategies going forward. There is not going to be one solution that solves the safety issue as the issue…



Habits of unsuccessful people

Nobody is perfect. Most of us have picked up a bad habit or two at some point in our lives. But pay attention to these habits as they may not wreck your life but could derail your chance for promotion.



Melting the snowflake generation through coping and resilience

It’s that time of year when we look out the window and see snowflakes coming down. They are beautiful and unique, but the term “snowflake” has another meaning in today’s culture. It refers to children or young people who constantly seek to avoid emotionally charged topics, or dissenting ideas and opinions. “Snowflakes”…


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