Vet Etiquette

Are there things to say, or perhaps, not say to your veterinarian?  Apparently, yes.  I have two dogs and both are due for a routine check up.  Interestingly and ironically, I stumbled across an article concerning proper etiquette when it comes to interaction with your vet.  Read up… as you prepare to take your precious


Do you know how to ask for what you want or need?

In my last blog I talked about a woman who wanted to get her friend to stop commenting to her about her parenting style but she feared offending her friend and losing the friendship. Sometimes it can be tricky to express our feelings and needs wisely. One of most useful skills we can learn when we want to know how to express our feelings…


Unwelcome advice

Someone asked me this week how she could tell her good friend to stop giving her advice about her parenting without ruining their friendship. She said, “My friend constantly tells me I’m too lenient with my kids. I’m getting tired of hearing it.” A good girlfriend is a wonderful gift, and a healthy relationship includes…


Healing abortion guilt and grief

There is no grief like the grief that does not speak. ~ Henry Wadsworth Longfellow It was just another box of old belongings to be sorted for our cross-country move. But the brightly colored cloth journal caught my eye and caused my heart to skip a beat. With equal anticipation and dread I sat down and thumbed through pages written over…



Ruth Graham

Ruth Graham joins Cradle My Heart Radio to talk about her experience helping those struggling with abortion.


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