Faith Basics

Why we pray

God has a lot to say to you – more than you’ll be able to take in during your life-time. BUT he wants to hear from you too! In the simplest of terms, prayer is talking to God. There are a lot of reasons to talk to God, but you need to know God likes to hear you talk—often! Why should I pray? Many people only pray in times of emergency. Or,…



This Grace is AMAZING

Grace—God takes the initiative to give us something we don’t deserve. Amazing?

Why we go to church

God didn’t design you to live alone. He has a place where you can tell him how much you love him, learn more about him and meet with others like you!   Jesus not only lived, died and rose again, he also returned home to heaven. But before he left he gathered his followers together in communities we call churches. One of the Bible…

Faith Basic: Serving

God has given us many ways to serve other so that we may not become stagnant or self-centered. In many groups of Christ-followers (churches), a relatively small number of people carry the lion’s share of the load. It is clear from the Bible that God has given every Christian spiritual gifts or abilities and gives them the power to…


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Lisa Anderson

Focus Weekend

John Fuller

MoneyWise Weekend

Howard Dayton & Steve Moore


Dr. Jim Burns

Breakpoint This Week

John Stonestreet

Family Life Weekend

Dennis Rainey and Bob Lepine

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Ryan Thomas

Adventures in Odyssey

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First Person

Wayne Shepherd

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Dr. Linda Mintle



MoneyWise Weekend

Howard Dayton & Steve Moore
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