Johnnie Moore is the 30 year-old Vice President of Liberty University, he has long been numbered among the youngest university executives in the United States. He is an author, commentator, advisor, professor, faith leader, university public relations executive, and humanitarian whose work has garnered the attention of leaders around the world.

Whether it’s helping run the day-to-day operations of one of the world’s largest universities (with over 100,000 students), teaching world religions on the ground in Israel or in India, or speaking to a stadium full of 10,000 students each week at Liberty University, Johnnie is out to make the world a better place.

And he has literally trekked across the globe doing it. His humanitarian adventures have taken him to more than two-dozen nations. He’s worked with genocide victims in Bosnia and Rwanda, established a sustainable project in economically down trodden Zimbabwe, learned Buddhism from the Dalai Lama’s personal archivist in the Himalayas, visited the world’s largest refugee camp on the border between Kenya and Somalia, observed Hindu rituals on the banks of the Ganges River and witnessed over two-thousand Indian Christians take a martyr’s oath before receiving their diploma. On three different occasions he has visited places that were later bombed by Islamic extremists, and during one of his 14 trips to India he even witnessed a parade celebrating the piety of a Jain priest who had lived his entire life, naked.

Liberty University’s founder pulled Johnnie from the pack when he was an 18-year-old freshman, kept his age a secret, and assigned him to speak at a weekly church service attended by 150 students. His age didn’t hold him back very long; he completed his undergraduate education in two years, and went on to complete a master’s degree at the Liberty Theological Seminary and Graduate School. He is currently engaged in additional study at Harvard University’s School of Extension Studies.

Now, he is more than ten years into his career in higher education, half of that time among the university’s senior administration and is – among other things – the executive responsible for Liberty University’s media relations. In that role, he has worked with every major print and broadcast outlet in North America, and he’s played a significant role in a coordinated effort to raise the overall profile of the institution.

His work at Liberty University, and abroad, has prompted leaders in education, politics and religion to consult with Moore on the challenge of translating their message and preparing their organizations for the rise of America’s 80-million millenials.   In a major profile of Moore’s work, the Washington Post said, “Johnnie Moore speaks the language of young evangelicals.”

He has also taught world religions in India, theology in Israel and is an adjunct professor within the B.R. Lakin School of Religion currently teaching the “Introduction to Global Studies” course. He has also taught courses in theology, biblical studies, church history, intercultural studies and psychology.

He has written for various international media outlets, including CNN, The Washington Post, Fox News, and Ynet, and is a frequent contributor to the Liberty Journal.

He was the executive producer of the Liberty Campus Band’s albums “Uncover” and “One.”

His first book Honestly: Really Living What We Say We Believe released internationally in English, Spanish and Portuguese on September 1, 2011. Douglas Gresham, the Executive Producer of the Chronicles of Narnia, has said of the book, I am convinced that Jack (my stepfather C.S. Lewis) would both enjoy and applaud this book…

His second book, Dirty God: Jesus in the Trenches was released by Thomas Nelson on January 1, 2013.  With a Foreword by Rick Warren, and seven pages of endorsements from many of the most influential evangelicals in the world, Dirty God was a landmark book on grace, for a new generation.

Johnnie, and his wife Andrea, live in Lynchburg, Virginia and most enjoy spending as much time as possible with their little boy, Edward.