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    What the wealthy should do with their wealth

    ...the Christian business owners’ fulfillment of Proverbs 3. In Matthew 19, we learned that the completion of the rich young ruler’s piety would have been to sell his riches and give that wealth to the poor. While this passage has been severely abused by those who hate the wealthy and are socialistic and their worldview, one cannot escape the clear direction by giving to the poor of your wealth is something that the wealthy should be doing as...

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    Rich Melheim

    Rich Melheim grew up on the plains of North Dakota but never did own a pick up with a gun rack. An entrepreneur, author, speaker, playwright, songwriter, family counselor, business systems consultant, amateur complexity theorist, log cabin builder, preschool designer, cartoonist, and student of the human brain, Melheim has appeared on 50 network television news shows from WNBC-NY to KTLA to CNN consulting on family issues. Rich is also an ordain...

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    The Gospel as a virus – Rich Stearns

    Our attempts to engage culture have more often seemed to enrage it. Rich Stearns of World Vision questions what we have turned the gospel into. Have we made it safe? Have we kept it from become infectious?...

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    What are the odds?

    ...US Marshals, to another – such us a car suddenly crashing into his home. The sheer number of stories that Rich Branham has accumulated has led him to pen a book he’s appropriately titled What Are the Odds?. As we take a closer look at his journey, we find that this man’s faith in God has only been strengthened by what he’s experienced.  To hear our full conversation right away, you can head to the bottom of the post. Otherwise, here are som...

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    Richard Stearns

    As the longest-serving president of World Vision U.S., Rich Stearns calls Christians to action on the greatest needs of our day. His award-winning, best-selling book, The Hole in Our Gospel, has encouraged hundreds of thousands of readers to open their hearts to those who are hurting in our world. Over the past two decades he has logged 2 million air miles traveling to 65 countries to better understand the issues faced by the world’s poorest pe...

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    Freely received; freely given

    ...eople who joyfully share what they’ve received. The disciples listened in amazement when Jesus suggested that a rich young ruler should “sell everything you have . . . then come, follow me.” The logic of the world would suggest that a rich man is already poised to serve the King: he need only redirect his wealth toward God, as if God would benefit from the rich man’s deep pockets. I can imagine the rich young ruler walking away shaking his head,...

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    Keeping faith alive

    Dr. Rich Melheim believes it’s time to get back to worship for all generations and that the concept of Sunday School may be killing the church. Dr. Melheim is a pastor, educator, author and founder of Faith Inkubators. His passion is to foster our faith every night at home, and on this latest edition of Connecting Faith, he talks Sunday School and his book Holding Your Family Together: 5 Simple Steps To Help Bring Your Family Closer To God And E...

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    Encouragement for moms

    ...away, but there’s more to being a mom than just getting a day of recognition. Pastor, educator, and author Dr. Rich Melheim returns to talk about a positive, proactive way moms can invest in their children’s lives and help them draw closer to God. He reviews his book Holding Your Family Together. We celebrate the great work moms are doing and explore ways we can be even more effective, on this latest Connecting Faith. Here’s where the conv...

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