The life of the follower of Christ can be difficult. However, God promises to give us everything we need to overcome and endure any trial we face on earth.

This week on Live the Promise, several of our guests discussed specific trials we may face and how God equips us to endure them.

Overcoming shame

We all battle shame that is attached to some area of our lives. However, Aubrey Sampson says that God can and will help us learn how we can break down the walls of shame and rebuild our souls. She says we can fight back against shame by replacing it’s lies with truth from God.

Listen to the interview here.

Waiting on God

Have you been praying for God to move in your life, but haven’t seen a response from him? Ann Swindell says another trial we can face is the silence of God. Sometimes God doesn’t seem to answer our prayers right away, and other times He doesn’t seem to answer them at all. Amidst our unanswered prayers, Ann says it’s important to focus on loving God for who He is, instead of loving Him for what He can give us.

Listen to the conversation here.

When waiting isn’t enough

Jason Mitchell also talked about how difficult it can be to wait on God. However, he said that sometimes waiting on God isn’t enough. Often, when we are waiting on God to pull through for us, He is waiting for us to do our part. Sometimes waiting on God is our only option, but other times, God is calling us to act. God wants us to actively partner with Him as He transforms our lives.

Listen to the conversation here.

Managing difficult circumstances

God loves us so much that He is willing to let us go through difficult circumstances so He can form us evermore into the image of His Son. Sometimes, the only way we can learn and grow is to encounter difficult circumstances. Bo Mitchell knows what it’s like to encounter difficult circumstances. He went to jail for 11 months for a crime he did not intentionally commit. During his prison sentence, he says God revealed to him his ego, pride, and self-effort that negatively impacted his life. He knows he would have never been able to be healed of these character defects if he had never gone to prison. God used the adverse circumstances for good in his life.

Listen to the conversation here.

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