Whose opinion matters the most?  What in your life has a hold on you?

What’s the first thing you think about when you wake up in the morning?

Whether it’s our weight, our debt, or the opinions of others – whatever comes to mind first – is what needs to be given over to God.

By surrendering idols, we say yes to our God-given influence and a life that counts.

“If we want to live in the power that God has for us, there needs to be an exchange of power in certain areas of our lives.”

Susie shares that because we are prone to turn inward and focus on ourselves instead of on God, we need to be aware of who is on the throne of our lives.

“We will get gifts from God’s hand and we’ll turn them into idols in our heart – we need to smash our idols. We need to put Jesus back on the throne.”

Surrender brings a revival to our heart. Dare to put everything on the table and say, “Lord, these things have too much power over me. I want to know Your power.”

“Too many Christians right now are so focused on winning the debate at the expense of winning the soul. We’re not going to debate someone into the kingdom. We’re going to love them into the kingdom. We’re going to lead them into the kingdom by introducing them to the supernatural power of God.”

What does it mean to have that power?

We surrender control. We surrender our unbelief. We deal with our fears.

We need to be inviting God’s kingdom power into our fears and unbelief. Susie encourages each of us not to turn a blind eye to our weaknesses and shortcomings. Instead address them head on, knowing that God will help us.

“When we medicate our discomfort, we short-circuit our spiritual growth. So when we come to the edge of ourselves, be of good cheer because there’s just more of the kingdom to inherit.”

According to the Bible, the same power that raised Jesus from the dead resides in us. That means we have in our bodies the power to conquer sin, to speak life to others, and to walk in strength because we belong to God. Amen!

Key Scriptures: John 1:12

Featured Songs: Spirit of the Living God by Meredith Andrews & the Vertical Church Band; You Made a Way by Matt Gilman; Forever by Kari Jobe; Strong God by Meredith Andrews

Say “yes” to your God-given influence and a life that counts

2 Responses to "Your sacred yes: Say ‘yes’ to your God-given influence and a life that counts"

  • Tara says:

    Thanks Susie, you always bring some truth to the forefront of what we need to hear. Thank you for your sensitivity to God and His leading you. And for the reinforcement of walking in who we are as God’s children, with His name written on us. He is so intentional about where He places us. May God give you safety, courage, health, and His sweet peace as you continue to walk in your calling!

  • Suzi says:

    Thank you for your teaching on our spiritual senses. Saying yes to God’s plan and power is what I need to take the leap of faith to come to the end of myself. I need to be FREE from the opionions of others. I Praise the Lord for your sweet heart. The power inside of us is the only thing we need……I receive Him for authourity and influence to walk in the knowledge of Jesus Christ. I love that His banner of love is over me. I want to be a KINGDOM worker and say yes to a life that lives for Him.

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