A skeptical nature helped make Jim Munroe a tremendous illusionist. It also meant he had a hard time buying into the concept of God and the supernatural. But a stunning diagnosis changed everything.

“I was diagnosed with a really rare form of leukemia when I was twenty nine. And it was a type that most people don’t get, only 13% of leukemia patients acquire this thing.”

“It required a bone marrow transplant to be completely cured. I fought going to the hospital for a long time. So by the time I checked in, we were kind of in dire straits, and they told me that they were going to start chemotherapy immediately, and then the only option for me to be completely cured was a bone marrow transplant – which is a fairly risky process.”

It was the very nature of the cure that he needed that caused Jim to reconsider his view of God.

“It required the perfect blood of a perfect match. There is only one person on the planet that they were able to identify. This nineteen year old from Wisconsin.”

“So it was through this process that I believe the God of the universe was beginning to reveal who He was to me and in a very detailed way. In a way that I always wanted him to. He used cancer to do it.”

Today, Jim Munroe is cured, he explains that living through something like he did made it impossible for him to ignore God any longer.

“The odds of something like this happening the way it happened are so astronomically coincidental that it would be silly for me not to acknowledge that maybe there was something bigger going on behind the scenes – orchestrating all of these seemingly random circumstances to get me to a place of safety.”

Jim Munroe is the celebrated illusionist behind “The Maze”, a tireless advocate for bone morrow donations, and the author of The Charlatan: The Skeptical, Mysterious, Supernatural True Story of a Christian Magician

On the Road with Jim Munroe

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