Angel grew up in an unstable environment and it led to her starting her drug use at an extremely young age with her mother. She was pregnant by the age of 16 and life only got more chaotic from there. By 18 Angel was a dancer, was introduced to ecstasy, and gave up her son for 9 years.

Meth, heroin and crack became a regular part of her life as did her co-dependent behavior. Angel ended up homeless and an overdose started to open her mind to idea of God.

After having a few more kids, Angel knew she wanted to clean up her life. A friend told her about a recovery church and when someone told her, “Jesus is recovery,” everything started to change. Today, Angel is almost 13 years sober and she’s sharing her story and knowledge to help others.

“I learned that I lose my effectiveness if I’m not serving other people. Jesus served, right? So that’s what I’m supposed to be doing, and how I serve is just as important as who I serve. That service better be with some love and some tolerance, and sometimes, you’ve got to be tough.”

However, just because she’s been there, doesn’t mean it’s always easy to watch an addict go through their journey, but Angel knows that her job is to love and let the Holy Spirit do his work.

“I’m just the mouthpiece, I’m not responsible for the outcome, that’s between them and God. I’m just here to relay a message or give you a hug or to accept you as you are.”

“You love ’em where they’re at, you don’t always try to pull them up, you love them exactly where they are. Do not judge them.”

“When they (the addict) feels that love, they will grow. They’ll be attracted to that love.”

Loving without judging

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