There was a time in Dimas Salaberrios’ life where he was living as a drug kingpin in a world of crime and almost certain death – until he had an encounter with the One true God.

Dimas reflects on his former life in the streets, and explains how he used to use his God-given gifts in a misguided way.

“There were leadership things that God has given me and He’s given a lot of young people. Great business skills, obviously, I had to learn how to turn a profit and people think, ‘Oh anybody to do that.’ But no, to become a kingpin it took a lot of wit, strengths, knowing how to market, etc.’”

After Dimas accepted Jesus as Lord of his life, he was finally able to use the gifts God gave him for the good, rather than for evil.

“I surrendered all those things to God. I’m still a very strong leader, but now I lead by example with Christ. I don’t lead by force or compulsion, as 1 Peter 5 really warns us. I don’t do ministry for money; actually we give far more away than anything.”

“I had to put God in my life and crush all of the idols of money, popularity, power, sex, all those kind of things. I had to put that down in the grave and allow Jesus to be exactly what I live for.

Dimas was able to find freedom and purpose living in the light of Christ, rather than continuing to live in the darkness. He shares encouragement for anyone who might be struggling.

“If He can do it in my life, I want to tell you He can do it in yours. I took my time, didn’t rush out very early, sat on great leadership, and let God mature me in who He wanted me to be to share His word with the world.”

Dimas Salaberrios is pastor of Infinity Bible Church in the South Bronx of New York City. An international speaker, Dimas is president of Concerts of Prayer Greater New York and holds a master of divinity degree from Alliance Theological Seminary. He is the author of Street God: The Explosive True Story of a Former Drug Boss on the Run from the Hood--and the Courageous Mission That Drove Him Back.

A light from the darkness

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