Dr. Sol Harkins is the world’s leading atheist. But he’s about to encounter a situation that will challenge his unbelief, and set him on a life changing journey.

That is the set up to the just released feature film Let There Be Light. For husband & wife filmmakers Kevin and Sam Sorbo, it’s also a journey that’s very meaningful because they walked it themselves.

For Sam, she found faith along the way.

“This is something that I came to later in life. I was in my twenties, and I was well established in my career. Then I started to question what life was about. I went on a search, and I discovered that God exists. That life has a purpose, and then shortly after that I ended up at a church. And that’s where He found me.”

Kevin accepted Jesus as a teenager at a Billy Graham Crusade, but it was a shocking health challenge in the prime of his acting career that deepened his relationship with Jesus.

“I suffered three strokes at the end of season five on Hercules. I never needed faith, even though I had faith. But then I really needed it. You look in that mirror and say OK. This happened. What am I going to do now? Am I going to feel sorry for myself the rest of my life? Or not?”

In addition to his own will, Kevin had two vital relationship in his life that kept moving him forward.

“It was the strength of my faith in God, and my wife who wouldn’t let me feel sorry for myself. I’m a very strong willed person, but I just really pushed much harder than any of the neurologists said I would be able to, and I proved all the doctors wrong – even though, ultimately, they did save my life from the initial brain aneurysm. But they didn’t give me the chance to get her back where I was when the stroke happened. But now – most people won’t be able to tell a difference.”

Kevin and Sam Sorbo are the husband & wife filmmakers behind the just released feature film Let There Be Light.

On the Road with Kevin and Sam Sorbo

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