“You can count the apples on the tree, but who can count the apples in a seed?”

So it is with the influence of a single person!

Most people have never heard of Edward Kimball, but he was the Sunday school teacher who introduced D.L. Moody to Christ.  D.L. Moody touched two continents for Christ and led thousands men, women, boys and girls to Jesus.  One of the folks who found Christ at a Moody event was J. Wilbur Chapman.  But the story continues…

Converted at a Chapman meeting: Billy Sunday

Converted at a Billy Sunday meeting: Mordecai Ham

Converted at a Ham meeting: Billy Graham

When you support Faith Radio the gospel is shared and lives are changed and your influence goes far beyond the dollars you give, because who knows when the next Billy Graham is raised up to serve this generation – he or she may be listening even now.

Our Spring fundraiser known as Share is coming April 4-6 and we would appreciate your prayers!

If you’d like to give a gift, you can do so here! Thank you for helping us change the spiritual landscape of our listeners and for keeping us on the air.

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