Dr. Colin Nicholl didn’t set out to write the book on the true Star of Bethlehem. In fact, the Cambridge-trained scholar and author wasn’t particularly interested in the topic. That was, until he watched a DVD on the subject, lent to him by a family member.

Suddenly, his imagination was caught. So he undertook a remarkable research project into the true nature of the famed star. In his tremendous work, The Great Christ CometDr. Nicholl sketches his case for the star as a comet.

As Dr. Nicholl shares his passion for what the star represented, it’s hard not to rediscover the wonder right alongside him.

“Once you grasp it – that this shows the mastery of God over the universe and He has done all of this majestic work in the solar system to honor His son and to mark out His Son as the Messiah – suddenly it speaks to us. It speaks powerfully in the twenty first century. It speaks to us about God being the God of this world.”

So often, the credit for the wonders of the heavens goes everywhere else but to their author. In the case of the star, Dr. Nicholl says it’s almost impossible to miss the great clues to its authorship.

“All over the universe, astronomers are discovering so much. So many exciting things. But so little glory goes to God from all of this.

But this story is an authentication of Matthew as an accurate historian. Because if there is any part of Matthew’s gospel that people have scoffed at, it was the star. And yet, if you look at the book, you’ll see that every detail of what Matthew writes can be shown to be in accord with astronomy. And that he couldn’t have made it up.

And the very fact that Revelation 12 and Matthew 2 are so amazingly perfect together – which is just absolutely, mind-boggling-ly astonishing – it cannot have been made up. It has to have happened.”

Dr. Colin Nicholl is the scholar, educator & author behind The Great Christ Comet: Revealing the True Nature of the Star of Bethlehem.

On the Road with Dr. Colin Nicholl

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