Will you engage in a random act of kindness this holiday season?

Better yet, how about if you step outside your comfort zone and help someone in need this Christmas?

It’s time for the Great Giveaway! Every year on Live the Promise, we seek to mobilize thousands of friends for the greater good of the Gospel. As we open our eyes to the needs around us, it changes us and helps others. Imagine the waves of kindness rippling out to our communities. Envision the countless people we’ll encourage this season.

Then join us on Thursday, December 21st and share your story. We’ll dedicate the whole show to The Great Giveaway. We’ll give away books, Christmas chocolate, and two amazing gift baskets to the most inspirational stories. If you’re too shy to call with your story, email me and I’ll read it on the air. Let me know if you want to remain anonymous.

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! I pray you’ll join us!

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