This week on Live the Promise, several of our guests brought to the forefront four common misunderstandings about the Christian faith.

Misunderstanding: God doesn’t like fun.

Barry Black, Chaplain of the United States Senate explains that we often fall into the trap of believing that the Christian life isn’t supposed to be fun. Too often we believe that God wants to pour cold water on our parade. However, that couldn’t be farther from the truth. Chaplain Black says this is evidenced by the fact that the first miracle Jesus ever completed was at a wedding feast. Barry Black is the author of Nothing to Fear: Principles and Prayers to Help You Thrive in a Threatening World.

Listen to the conversation here.

Misunderstanding: There is one right way to handle money.

Sometimes we look down our nose at others who don’t handle money the way we do. We mistakenly think that the way we handle money is better than the way other people handle money. Tommy Brown says that’s not necessarily true. Tommy has identified seven different “money types” based on seven Biblical characters. He says that no one money type is superior to another, but all money types display one aspect of Biblical stewardship. Tommy Brown is the author of The Seven Money Types: Discover How God Wired You To Handle Money.

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Misunderstanding: God is not really involved in my life.

For the most part we can’t feel, see, or hear God in our lives. However, this doesn’t mean He is not intimately involved in our lives. Heather Holleman says that God lives inside of each of His children in the form of the person of the Holy Spirit. We are guarded by Christ. He is our fortress and the solid rock on which we stand. Heather Holleman is the author of Guarded by Christ: Knowing the God Who Rescues and Keeps Us.

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Misunderstanding: If we are right with God, our life will go great.

Becoming a follower of Christ is like grabbing a golden ticket to the good life right? Well, not necessarily. Stu Epperson Jr. says that we often think that the closer we are to God the more comfortable life will be. However, if we look at the life of Jesus, we see the exact opposite take place. More often than not, Jesus was hated and misunderstood. As Christians, we should expect hard times to come our way because we are close to God. Stu Epperson Jr. is the author of Last Words of Jesus: First Steps to a Richer Life.

Listen to the conversation here.

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