Candace Payne never imagined that a video of her trying on a Star Wars’ mask would gain millions of views. But now it’s the most viewed video in the history of Facebook Live!

It was a wild journey that started with laughter, and led her to some profound realizations. She’s spent plenty of time shaking her head and smiling – trying to figure out why her video made such a mark on the internet.

“I think it probably was shareable just because – think about it – this really started making some momentum on Friday morning. And it was one of those things that you can pass around at work and it’s four minutes of looking at this lady laughing in her car.”

But the rampant popularity of the video was more than just that.

“If you want to go a little bit deeper and look backwards with hindsight being twenty twenty, our culture needed to know that everything was going to be OK. You know what I mean? It was an election year like we’ve never experienced. At least, I think you have to say it was up there! And on top of that we have these racial tensions that are starting to resurface, and I can’t even begin to tell you how bleak it felt.”

“And I think at that point in time, just the image of this mom laughing and enjoying herself in the car brought much needed levity, and a reminder that it’s not as bad as we think. We can all take a break and a breather, and laugh it up for just a little bit today.”

Candace Payne is the viral video star known affectionately as “Chewbacca Mom”! She’s the creator of the most viewed Facebook Live in history. Her new book is called Laugh It Up!: Embrace Freedom and Experience Defiant Joy.

On the Road with Candace Payne

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