Passionate about helping young people maintain their sexual purity in our sex-saturated culture, Abby Ludvigson emphasizes the importance of a foundation that is built on God’s view of sex not the worlds.

The culture sees sex as a consumer product and God sees it as a covenant promise. So when we compare those two, there’s huge differences and ripple effects that will affect people and their choices, depending on what worldview they have.”

She explains how the consumer mentality ultimately distorts our view of sexuality.

“Consumerism is all about what you can get and getting the latest and the greatest, ‘I have an iPhone 6, but that’s not good enough so I need the iPhone 7, the 7s, the 8, etc.’ It’s just nonstop and it’s all about what fulfills me? What is satisfying for me? What is the shiniest product on the shelf? If it doesn’t perform, if it doesn’t meet your really insatiable desires, then you toss it aside as you move on to the next product.”

A commend trend among our youth today is that they are seeing their bodies the same way – as a product, rather than a valued reflection of God’s design.

“We use products with an agenda in mind. We see young people using their bodies, using their clothing and attire in that way. We see young adults cohabiting and it’s very, very popular: ‘I need to see if you meet my needs before I’ll make a promise.’ And if it doesn’t work, they throw that one aside move on to the next. It’s a very much a consumer product.”

God’s view of sexuality is quite the opposite.

“When we look at Biblical truth, God says this is a covenant promise. It’s not just a promise, this is a covenant; a contract between you and the God Almighty. It’s a cherished, honored, respected, private, but sacred piece of our life.”

It’s important for the next generation to know that maintaining a sexually pure lifestyle is possible with God’s help. By knowing His design for sex, our youth will be able to spot counterfeit values in society and avoid the pain of making poor choices.

While teaching in the public schools, Abby Ludvigson discovered she had a deeply rooted desire to better understand the issues bombarding our young people today and a passion to be an active role model for sexual purity. In 2015, she produced a film series entitled Sex by Design and is a contributor to the book by Dr. Juli Slattery Sex and the Single Girl.

A call for sexual purity

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