Kirk Cameron is full of hope – for his country and for the church. Where others see a nation more divided than ever, he sees an unprecedented opportunity for followers of Jesus.

This passion has led him to call what he describes as a second national family meeting: Revive Us 2. This groundbreaking live event is happening in theaters across America on Tuesday, October 24th.

The question that really drove Kirk to produce this event is whether it’s possible for Americans to be a united country blessed by God again. His answer is clear!

“One hundred percent! Absolutely! It absolutely can. And I think that’s one of the things that we as Christians need to to really wrestle with.”

“We’re hearing on the news that things have never been worse, and so many Christians believe that – not only is it getting worse – but we’re hearing from those who don’t agree with us that we’re the problem. That we’re the reason behind why things are getting worse.”

From Kirk’s perspective, our reaction to a changing culture as a faith community has often missed the mark.

“We have our own tribal elders – our pastors in our churches who are telling us that these are the signs that the end is near. So buckle up! We feel like we might as well stay home, eat Chick-fil-a, and sing Chris Tomlin songs until the Rapture gets here, because everything is coming down! That’s the wrong narrative!”

“The real narrative is: Jesus the Messiah came. He inaugurated a Kingdom when He rose from the grave and sat down at the right hand of the Father in Heaven. And the Lord said the earth shall be His footstool. His Kingdom is growing, and His Kingdom is winning. And we are His people – His ambassadors of Heaven to share the message of reconciliation and restoration. And that’s what our country needs.”

He breaks down what he believes that can look like in our daily lives.

America is dying for us to get out there – stop arguing and whining – and work together as one to bring the message of hope and healing. The darkness is on its way out! Because greater is He who is in us then he who is in the world. We just need to get out there, and proclaim the message and get to work.”

Kirk Cameron is the celebrated actor, producer & advocate behind the upcoming live event Revive Us 2 – in theaters on Tuesday. October 24th. Click here for theaters in your area, showtimes and all the information.

On the Road with Kirk Cameron

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