Highlight: A new perspective on interruptions

Are the circumstances in your life an interruption or an opportunity? Boyd Bailey of Wisdom Hunters provides a fresh perspective on the so-called interruptions we encounter on a daily basis. He tells the story of how God used an interruption by his granddaughter as an illustration of love.

“Lillian comes in the room where I’m praying and having my time with the Lord. My first thought was, Oh Lillian, you don’t understand, you’re interrupting my time with the Lord.”

“About the same time I thought that, she crawled up into my lap and in a fresh way my Heavenly Father said, My Son, this is not an interruption, this is an illustration of how I love you.”

Looking down at his granddaughter, Boyd saw her small legs with small cuts and bruises that kids collect in the summer months, through them God spoke to him again.

“My precious Father said, Boyd, you’re bruised, you’re broken, you’re hurt, but I want to heal you. I want to comfort you. I want to hold you. As you go through your day and there’s interruptions that come in your life, don’t see them as interruptions, see them as illustrations of how I love you and how I want you to love others.”

God offers us a loving and intimate relationship, but we have to accept it and nurture, the same way we have to nurture relationships with others.

“Sometimes in our structure and our routine we feel like we’re trying to control the elements so we can make sure we’re having a great time with God. Many times, He’s trying to speak to us through people, through difficulties, through circumstances, through His creation.”

“I want to make sure I’m aware of that and paying attention so I can experience him in these different ways.”

Are you open and looking for the interruptions and opportunities God is using to connect with you?

Boyd Bailey, the author of Wisdom Hunters devotionals, is the founder of Wisdom Hunters, Inc., an Atlanta-based ministry created to encourage Christians to apply God’s unchanging truth in a changing world. By God’s grace, Boyd has impacted wisdom hunters in over 86 countries across the globe through the Wisdom Hunters Daily.

Key Scripture: Psalm 42:1

Featured Songs: Let it Echo – Jesus Culture; Alive in You – Jesus Culture; In the River – Jesus Culture

Boyd Bailey on the Psalms

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