This month 250 joggers, runners, bikers and walkers have already raised over $18,500 for rescue, intervention and rehabilitation of human trafficking victims. Our goal is to help raise $50,000 for International Justice Mission (IJM). IJM rescues victims by working with local police to rescue victims from ongoing violence, working with social workers to restore the survivors to their community, working with local police to restrain criminals and working with public prosecution to represent survivors in court.

It’s still not too late to help – please visit our website to give a gift.


I trust and hope that you’ve heard that our annual fall fundraiser, known as Fall Share, begins on September 13th.  With God’s help and yours, we hope to take care of a significant portion of next year’s operating budget; i.e. $1,250,000.00.  This is the listener portion of Faith Radio’s budget and it is what we will need to stay on the air for the coming 12 months.  Our financial goal covers staff and all other operating expenses for 4 FM stations (Twin Cities, Madison, Duluth & Waterloo) and 6 AM stations (Twin Cities, Madison, Sioux Falls, Fargo, Waterloo and Hartford, CT).  Would you pray for us even now that God will provide once again for this ministry?

We never take His blessing or your support for granted; thank you!


This September, we will be sharing many of the stories that we have received over the past year.  We continue to hear from listeners who have been touched or healed through the ministry of Faith Radio!  Thank you for your part in reaching people for Christ through Media.  God bless you!

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