How do we share our faith with those who are skeptical that a God even exists?

In his new book How to Talk to a Skeptic, author Don Johnson says that atheism in America is on the rise, and its proponents are bold, arrogant, and in-your-face. Not all skeptics are avowed atheists, but there is a rising voice who is increasingly cynical about traditional faith, and suspicious of any system of religious beliefs.

He suggests that we as believers should examine the way we share our faith, and includes five questions that are useful when we get the opportunity to talk with others about Jesus:

1. How did we get here?
2. Why are we here?
3. Why is there evil in the world?
4. Is there a solution to evil?
5. What happens when we die?

A great way to approach this is to write these questions down on a piece of paper, and then write out what your answers are. It is a great tool for deepening your own relationship with Christ! Even though cynicism abounds in today’s culture, people are searching for truth and meaning. We must be confident in our own answers to these questions before engaging with people who are closed-minded to faith.

How to Talk to a Skeptic

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