Life as a single Christian


Loneliness. It can be a common theme for Christians both young and old. You know you want to find a life-long companion, but you feel like you never will. It can be frustrating and even debilitating to feel this way. Lina AbuJamra joins Faith Radio Mornings to talk about life as a single Christian. She says the only way to get over your singleness is view singleness as a gift.

A single Christian’s life has not been botched by singleness…God created singles for the sole purpose of knowing Him and making Him known.

She’s written the book Thrive and hopes it will be a resource for those struggling with their singleness.

Life as a single Christian

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  • Bill Griffin says:

    Hey, thank you for getting Dr. Abujamra on for an interview. My wife has read her blog for the last few years. Obviously, we’re not single but my wife has found great insight into her book regardless. We’ve been reading Lina’s blog for several months now and we’re continually impressed with her wisdom and thought provoking teaching. I hope you have her on again. It was a pleasure to listen to her.

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