Bathing beauty or sex object?


On today’s Faith Radio Mornings, Dr. Linda Mintle discusses the importance for women of dressing with modesty. She’s written a blog post recently call Bathing Beauty or Sex Object? Are Women Sold a Lie? Here’s an excerpt:

You put on that bikini and think, It’s just a bathing suit. Men see more skin on TV and in the movies than on me. No big deal, right?

Well at the risk of once again sounding like a mom, let’s talk about what two researchers found when they scanned the brains of men looking at women with different clothing.

No big surprise here. They found what most people already know–men tend to see women as sex objects when they are barely clothed. It’s why dads tell their teenage daughters to put on more clothes, or why women who want to be taken seriously at the office, dress conservatively.

Researchers Susan Fiske from Princeton and Jennifer Eberhardt from Stanford did MRIs on a number of male students in order to image their brains when they looked at various photographs of women.  The part of the brain that activated when the men saw bikini clad women was the part associated with objects or “things you manipulate with your hands.” And the students remembered the women’s bodies better than the clothed women…not their faces, their bodies.

Read the full post here and listen to her interview with Ted and PK:

Bathing beauty or sex object?


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